Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a surprise!

I have two breaks at work when I am working in the morning, one at 10 and one a 1. This last Friday I went on break at 1 and the cook and I headed outside because it was a beautiful day. As usual the half hour break went quickly and we were headed back up to the building to finish our shift.

Imagine my surprise when my boss, and aunt, Karla comes running out to us saying, "Oh good you are coming in. I was just coming out to get you. Someone just delivered flowers to you Heather!"

So....wondering who is sending me flowers when it is not my birthday or really any important day we all headed to the kitchen.

This beautiful vase of flowers was sent to me by my sister, Laura, just because we hadn't talked in a while! Isn't that sweet?

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Circle

I just finished reading this series by Ted Dekker and highly recommend them to everyone. They pull you in right away and leave you wanting more. Once you start you just cant stop! They are suspenseful and have a little fantasy, but are great Christian books!


My family doesn't usually go to the Fourth of July fireworks but this year I went with Mark and Cheri and their kids, Dave and Terri and their kids and my Uncle Duane. We laughed a lot and the fireworks were great! Thanks for letting me tag along guys!