Monday, October 13, 2008

Next semester, it has been a long time! Sorry about that!

I just signed up for classes this morning and I am not too sure about the results. I got all the classes that I wanted, however....the schedule that I now have is not the best, at all. I have mostly afternoon/night classes with one morning class. My weekly schedule for next semester is as follows:

Monday: 5:45-9pm Computerized Accounting 2
Tuesday: 3:15-4:45 Tax Accounting
Tuesday: 5:45-9 pm Cost Accounting
Wednesday:5:45-9pm Computerized Accounting 2
Thursday: 3:15-4:45 Tax Accounting
Thursday: 5:45-9pm Cost Accounting
Friday: no school
Saturday: 7:45-12 Computerized Accounting

So, you can see my delema - when do I work? Hopefully my wonderful boss Karla can work with me to figure something out.

On a happy note, this will be my last semester of school! Thank goodness! I am SO ready to be done with school.