Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cleo's tube

These pictures are a little old. We had bought this at Walgreens for Cleo thinking that she would love it because it krinkles like a plastic bag every time it is touched. However...when we put it on the floor for her she refused to go in it!
Finally, when I came home from work This is how I found her - sleeping in it with only her head sticking out! Sadly, that is the only time she has been in it. It is now in the basement because she will not go in it anymore!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I think this is one of my better pictures, don't you?

This picture was taken just after I returned to my hospital room after my surgery. I was told that it might go on Mom's blog, but at that time I was still not fully awake and didn't really care what pictures she took or where they went!
It never did go one her blog, however I thought that you would all like to see the beautiful state that I was in after surgery! Oh, and don't ask about the towel on my head - I have no idea why it is there!

I am feeling a ton better today and am going to the doctor this afternoon. I will make sure to update tomorrow about what he has to say. I am also headed back to school on Wednesday. Hopefulling I can make it through the entire day - 7:45-5:30! I might be a little tired when I get home! It is great to be getting back into the swing of things again. Thank you all for your prayers, I really appreciate! I know that without them I would not have healed as quickly as I did.
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