Monday, December 17, 2007

Bumper Stickers

These are like the two bumper stickers I have on my car. Usually nobody really says anything to me about them, however someone did today.
I had my economics exam this morning and stopped at Meijer for white melting chocolate. I was walking up to my car when the lady in the car next to me gets out and says hi. So far this was not unusual - quite often people say hi to each other even when they don't know the other person. So, I unlock my car and go to get in when she says,
"I just wanted to tell you that my Boss is a Jewish Carpenter too, and my daughter is in the army. When I saw your bumper stickers my heart just soared!"
I thought that it was so cool that she took the time to stop wait for me to get back to my car to tell me that. I think that she had already been in the store and was leaving when she saw my car and decided to wait for me. People don't usually do things like that anymore these days. It made my day just a little bit better!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cleo and the Christmas Tree

Mom took these pictures the other night when Cleo was being naughty. I know that is a surprising thought since Cleo is never naughty, but it did happen!
I just thought that she looked so cute under the tree!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cleo's tube

These pictures are a little old. We had bought this at Walgreens for Cleo thinking that she would love it because it krinkles like a plastic bag every time it is touched. However...when we put it on the floor for her she refused to go in it!
Finally, when I came home from work This is how I found her - sleeping in it with only her head sticking out! Sadly, that is the only time she has been in it. It is now in the basement because she will not go in it anymore!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I think this is one of my better pictures, don't you?

This picture was taken just after I returned to my hospital room after my surgery. I was told that it might go on Mom's blog, but at that time I was still not fully awake and didn't really care what pictures she took or where they went!
It never did go one her blog, however I thought that you would all like to see the beautiful state that I was in after surgery! Oh, and don't ask about the towel on my head - I have no idea why it is there!

I am feeling a ton better today and am going to the doctor this afternoon. I will make sure to update tomorrow about what he has to say. I am also headed back to school on Wednesday. Hopefulling I can make it through the entire day - 7:45-5:30! I might be a little tired when I get home! It is great to be getting back into the swing of things again. Thank you all for your prayers, I really appreciate! I know that without them I would not have healed as quickly as I did.
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Thanks mom!

Thank you mom for giving me this award!

Monday, October 22, 2007

I am FINALLY declaring a major!!!

Yes, you did read that correctly, I have finally decided on a major! I am going to major in Accounting. This may be surprising to some of you, however, I am taking an accounting class this semester and am really enjoying it. I will have two more years to go until I am finally done! By the time I graduate I will be a Super Senior! I am really relieved to have this done and not have to think about it anymore.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our adventure!

I was supposed to have a business computer class at 12:45 today, however, my prof. wasn't there today, so
Melissa and I both had until 3:15, when our next class started, with nothing to do, so, we decided to walk to the Amway, and then through it. We got there and, being unsure of whether we could just walk in, we stood outside for a minute until another women walked in, and decided that we would just go in. So, we walked through, noting the beauty, and I also mentioned that it reminded me of the Titanic!
After walking through we still had a good few hours before class so we decided to go visit my Aunt Diane over at Varnum. So, we walked from the Amway to Varnum, and got the nickel tour of the 17th floor and her office space. We talked for a little while with her, then decided it was time to head back. So....we walked all the way back to school.
Now, normally this would not be bad or that difficult, however, when you have a HUGE backpack on your back that you have to carry the entire way, you start to get tired very quickly! Even so, it still would not be that bad but we also have a fairly large hill just before you reach school, so by the time you reach it your legs feel like they are about to give in and buckle beneath you! We were so glad to be able to sit down at the student lounge!
I would have to say that we got our exercise in today!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I have been tagged!

My mom has tagged me for a meme.

1)10 years ago: I was 11 years old, which would have put me in 5th or 6th grade, going to school, and not much else.

2)5 years ago: this would put me at 15. I would have been started drivers training, still going to school everyday, all day.

3)1 year ago: this would put me at 20 years old. I would be going to college on mondays and wednesdays, and working at the nursing home here in town. I also had just started on my insulin pump.

4)Yesterday: I went to school to try and take a test and I went to work

5)5 snacks I enjoy: Of course, chocolate, pringles (the cheesy kind), apples, triscuits, and cheese

6)5 things I would do if I suddenly had a million dollars: pay of my car, give some to church, take a vacation oversease, go visit Andy, and put some in savings.

7)5 locations I would like to run away to: Ireland (they have a GREAT accent!), Romania, Virginia, Massechutsets, and a lot of other places on the east coast!

8)5 bad habits I have: procrastination, poor eating habits, leaving all my stuff on the kitchen table, spending too much money on things that I don't really need, and not cleaning my room when I should.

9)5 things I like doing: reading, scrapbooking, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and watching movies.

10)5 t.v. shows I like: Dr. Who, Biggest Losser, CSI, The Office, and Dirty Jobs.

11)5 things I hate doing: cleaning Cleo's litter box, cleaning the toilet, going to school, waiting, and getting up at the crack of dawn.

12)5 biggest joys of the moment: talking to Andy on the phone, understanding that God is in control so I don't have to be, my family, knowing that God has my life all planned out, and Internet.

I am tagging anyone who hasn't yet done this!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Continuing drama!

So, I was hoping that I wouldn't have more to blog about this Professor of mine, but alas, I do. I gave her that copy of Andy's letter and she said that it was great.
Finally, I thought. At last she is happy. So...I decided to venture farther and said that I was wondering about coming in on Thursday to take the test that I am missing. She said that she would have to check the sylabis to see what her rules were.

At this point I am wondering why she can't remember her own rules, but I let it go and sit down. After class I go back up to her and she checks on her rules and proceeds to tell me that I am going to have to take the test after I return from SC!!! Here is exactly what she says in the sylabis:

"Any student who misses an exam because of an unavoidable circumstance will be allowed to make up that exam, provided the student supplies writtten evidence of the unavoidable nature of the incident that caused him or her to miss the exam."

Can you believe that? This woman is insaine! She is a really good teacher, as long as you don't have to miss any test in her class or have to go see your brother whom you haven't seen in 3 months!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I am so sorry that it has been so long since I posted last! I have not been on the computer for at least a week! I have been trying to get all my school work done so that we can leave o Saturday to go see Andy. I think that I have it mostly under control, but with classes like accounting and economics, I have a lot of work to do.

I have one professor, for accounting, who is a really great professor and she makes the class fun and the information easy to understand, but she has been a thorn in my side since the first day of class! I stayed after on the first day to tell her that I would be leaving on the 22nd to go see my brother graduate from boot camp, so I would be missing a week or so of class. She proceeded to tell me that it was fine, but she would need proof from me that we really are going to see him, that he really is in the army, and that he really does graduate on the 28th! I thought that she was joking! I thought, "Women! This is college, nnot middle school!" So....I brought in a bunch of stuff to show her that he really is in the army: a letter from him on the army stationary, a booklet that we got when he first enlisted, and a postcard that he sent to us with info on buying a dvd of boot camp and graduation.

I thought that she would be happy with this, but she wasn't. She told me that this was all wonderful stuff, but that she didn't want to read my personal mail so if I could kindly make a copy of the part where it says that we are going to see him with a date that we will be there, that would be great. So I made a copy of one of Andy's letters that says that graduation is officially on September 28. I sure hope that she is happy with that! None of my other professors made such a big stink over it!

So, that is what has been going on in my life lately!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Light's Out!!

Thursday I had to work, and the girl I was working with, Laura, and I were getting a little worried with the impending storm and all. We made it through dinner and we got the dining room all cleaned up and I started washing my dishes. About 6:15 it all went downhill -

The electricity went out. Let me say that the kitchen gets REALLY, really dark without any lights on at all! The generator quickly turned on, however, there is only so much stuff you can put on a generator. We had lights and water, but no dishwasher, air conditioning, or dishwasher! This ment a long night of silence, the complete eiry silence, doing thousands of dishes by hand, sweating up a storm in a really hot kitchen!

I was glad that I was working with Laura because we are both willing to help each other, so I brought all my dishes over to the cook's side and we washed cups, plates, bowls, trays, big brown buckets all by hand. We were just glad that I had washed the silverware already before the power went out!

It was one of those long nights, made even longer by the heat! I was just glad to get home and take a shower!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cleo's Life!

This is her new favorite place to sleep! She gets herself wrapped up in the drapes as much as she can and then sleeps there for hours at a time. I think she likes it because it is soft and, if she is laying in just the right position, she can look out the front door at the same time! She is always finding new and exciting places to sleep! (it is her favorite past time, next to eating that is!)
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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Battle at Kruger

Mom found this video and we both thought that it is very interesting!

"This nature video show that a TEAM over 3 or 5 bullys can win anytime. When ever your hurting or need help in anyway friends and church members who are willing can help the lost in a world of hate and sin." This was one of the comments made about this video, which we also thought was cool.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This is a game that I found on Jeremy's blog and thought that it was a lot of fun. It really tests your knowledge of the USA. It is not as easy as you think!!! Let me know how you do!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Cleo is very happy, even though she may not realize it, she does not have to wear her moo-moo anymore! The vet called this morning and said that Cleo was very cooperative and they got the "specimin" that they needed, and she does have a urinary tract infection. I was given some pills for her to take and I took her home. She is very happy to be home, however, those of you that know her also know that she is now shunning me for leaving her at the vet. I also talked to the vet (after Mom called and left a message on my phone) about getting her on glucosamin to prevent anymore infections. She thought that this was a great idea, but wanted to have the pills taken first and then we will go back and get her on the glucosamin. We are all very happy with this news!
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Monday, July 09, 2007

Little Richard

The other day Andy and Dad were in the back hitting golf balls, and they ended up hitting some into the front yard. On their way to find the balls, they saw this cat in our yard. They got me from in the house (they knew that I would like to see him). As we took these pictures I was saying, "I don't like the thought of just leaving him out here, he is so little!" Those of you that know me will know that I was thinking that we needed another cat! After we took the pictures our neighbor (to the right) came out of her house and asked if we had her kitten. It was her cat and it turns out that she had named him Richard. We all decided that Dad's name for him was better: Ghost, because he had justed "ghosted in"!

We all thought of you Laura, since we know how much you want a gray fluffy kitten!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Poor Cleo!!

We have just realized that Cleo has more problems than we thought. When we got back from vacation we noticed that a lot of the fur on her belly is gone. Mom and I researched this on the Internet and found out that it is from a phsycological disorder. The problem is that she is continually cleaning herself and the fur in that area disappears. We tryed to watch her all the time to stop her from cleaning, but it is just too hard to watch her every minute of the day, so...this is my idea.

Let me just tell you that she hates me right now! She refuses to walk because she is not used to the shirt. I had to put the shirt on backwards because when I put it on the right way it did not cover her belly. Then I had to pin it on the side because she kept walking on the end of it with her back feet and then she would just fall over. I feel bad for her, but I think this is the only way to get her to stop licking herself!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Friends Good Will


We had a great time in South Haven. We were SO glad that we stayed to take go on the tall ship. Dad, Andy and I became part of the crew and were allowed to steer the ship. You would not believe how hard it is to steer a ship; with all that water from the lake pushing against you, you have to have big muscles to do it. Once you get the hang of it, though, it is fairly easy. This was the best part of our vacation. If you are ever in South Haven, take the time to go on this ship. It is well worth it!
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


We are off for vacation! Mom and I will update our blogs when we get back and we will hopefully have a lot of pictures to show you! See you when we get back!

Monday, June 25, 2007


On Sunday Melissa and I went to Worship on the Waterfront. I love going to the boardwalk and just walking around, but I also like to go to WOW on Sunday nights and enjoy the company of other Christians and the time to worship together. It makes you realize how good we have it in the US that we are able to worship our Lord out in public without fear of harm.

Jadon Lavik was the artist and we were really glad that we went. Some of his songs are played on JQ, like Changing Happy and What If. He has such a pure voice. You can tell that he really believes what he is singing.

After he left, we stayed for the musical fountain and were glad that we stayed and waited almost an hour to see it. We had both seen it before, but it is always so beautiful, that it is worth the wait.

We had left during the concert to get some ice cream and when we got back to our seats and got settled in again a woman came with her 4 year old son and sat down next to me. She then introduced herself and her son to me, and I thought, "This is odd; people don't usually introduce themselves when they sit next to someone." She then reached into her sons pocket and pulled out a pump, just like mine, color and all. She proceded to tell me that she had seen me walk by on our way back to our seats and she said the her son, "Look, that girl has a pump just like you!" Her son, who was adorable, told her that he wanted to go show me his pump, so they followed me to my seat and we talked for a little while. I was surprised at how well they handled it. He was only 2 when he was diagnosed, 3 when he got the pump, and he is only 4 now. They always keep it locked because he likes to hit the buttons sometimes. I thought that it was so cute that he was so excited to show me his pump. I do love to see other people with pumps. It is nice to talk to them and find out how they do things and just talk to them, as someone who understands exactly what I am going through.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My Car took a trip!

Andy and Dad went, yesterday, to the Nascar Nextel Cup race in Brooklyn, MI at Michigan International Speedway. Andy had won tickets, thanks to Aunt Cheri who had entered his name,and him and Dad finally decided that they would go, however they had one problem, what vehicle to drive all the way down there? The drive was about 2 and a half hours down there. I offered them my car, in exchange for driving Andy's truck to church.

They made it all the way there and back, with my car in one piece, and they had a wonderful time. I can now say that my car has been to a Nascar race!! There was a lot of dirt on it, some of it from the drive to MIS, but, thank you Dad and Andy, the washed it for me!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I have been tagged...

I have just been tagged by Terri, so here it is:

My 4 favorite jobs:
dietary aide at the nursing home
I have only had those three jobs

4 favorite local places
my church - on Sunday morning when it is full and everyone is praising God
Pages In Time

4 Favorite Foods
hamburgers - my dad's hamburgers are the best!
scones - blueberry with a lemon glaze, they are so good!

4 Favorite International spots
Romania - beautiful country
Eygpt - would love to visit
Ireland - ditto
Hawaii - ditto

4 People I am tagging

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chris Daughtry's "Home"

I found this video to his song "Home" and thought that it was a wonderful video. Take a look! (Sorry, thte video is so small.)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Intersting Sighting

First of all, mom wanted to blog this, however, I told her that I needed to update my blog, so I got it! Today, mom and I went out ot Holland to do some shopping when we saw a very odd sight. We came up to a stoplight and saw a man walking down the sidewalk with his legs spread out. So, like any normal person, we looked closer to see why he was walking so oddly. Then we saw it! The inside of his pants, from crotch level to knees, were covered in something brown! It looked like he had some serious issues! We called Laura to tell her of our sighting, and when told she said that any nice person would have offered to help, but we didn't really want those pants in our car!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Guest Blogger

Hi - this is Mari taking a turn on Heather's blog. I saw Heather and Laura's post on wants and needs and thought I should take a turn so here goes:
Mari needs:
Mari needs prayer to draw her closer to God - well that's a good one. I need to spend more time in prayer myself and I certainly won't turn down anyone who wantsw to pray for me.
Mari needs her rest - I do have a problem with going to bed on time.
Mari needs her space - sometimes I do like some time to myself.
Mari needs a photo to post - I would like a picture to go with this entry.
Mari needs to aquire additional data - Yes, I can always use more education.
Mari needs enough money to live comfortably - I guess we all do, but how much do we need in order to do that?
Mari needs her ears shaved - this concerns me, last time I check I didn't have hairy ears!

Mari wants:
Mari wants Hirosho to be happy - Who do you suppose Hiroshi is? I guess that I would like him to be happy.
Mari wants an orange - that does sound good, but it needs to be juicy without many seeds.
Mari wants the agency to be under her authority - I don't think so. I don't want to run an agency.
Mari wants a career in foreign policy - again I don't think so. I would rather stay where I am.
Mari wants to be a teen vampire - how do these rumors start? Besides I am too old for the teen part. I may be able to handle the biting though!
Mari wants to have a child - wrong again! I'll just bide my time and wait for a grandchild.
I guess the computer isn't always right, although it got a few!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Heather needs...

I am following Laura and here is what I need:

Heather needs men now! - I know that, but where are the men?
Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere. - I try, but you all know how uncomfortable they are!
Heather needs two therapists - I have a problem...
Heather needs some body gaurds. - Have I told you that people are after me?
Heather needs new boobs - that goes along with wearing a bra
Heather needs veggies - I know I don't eat enough of them...
Heather needs something more to be satisfied - but what is it?
Heather needs an Anne - who is this Anne?

Heather wants another baby - another? where is the first one?
Heather wants hush money - what am I hushing?
Heather wants a new job - new job? I am happy where I am at right now
Heather wants people to take her seriously - that would be nice
Heather wants £10000 a day 'just to get by' - I wouldn't mind that

Interesting, don't you think?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Monday, May 14, 2007

Belated pictures of Andy - Rampage game

Here are the belated pictures of Andy a couple of weekends ago. He had to, along with a bunch of other new recruits, go to the Rampage game, which was paid for already, and they had to make a statement of some sort (I am honestly not exactly sure what it was they were saying). Anyway, Mom, being the good scrapbooker she is, took the camera and took some pictures. Some of them didn't turn out, they were too fuzzy, But here are a few!

Monday, April 30, 2007

The End is Near!!

No, I am not talking about the end of the world! This week has a couple of "ends" in it for me. School is finally done for me on Wednesday. I have three exams, all of which should be easy. My first exam is from 8-10, then I have one from 10:30-11:45, and finally one from 3:15-5. I cannot wait to be finished for the summer!

The other thing that is ending this week is my Dave Ramsey class on tuesday nights. I am really sad that it is done, I have enjoyed going to that class. Thanks to Laura and Aaron I have learned a lot about money and how to stay out of debt, and build wealth. I appreciate all that you guys did, even when it was just me and Melissa in class!

Have a great week everyone!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Cleo's Favorite Pastime

Friday, before Andy went to Lansing, he took some pictures of Cleo sunbathing on the table in the living room. Sunbathing is one of her favorite things to do in the morning when it is sunny and warm, so the front door can be opened. Here is a couple of them!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Don't Smell That!!

Sunday night we (meaning dad, mom, Andy, and I) were sitting in the living room (we had just got done watching a movie) when Cleo came in. She went over to Dad (one of her favorite people) and sat down by his feet. He had his feet slightly elevated on the foot rest so they were right at Cleo's eye level.

She leaned her head over an was going to sniff his foot when, I believe it was Mom that said, "I wouldn't sniff those if I were you Cleo, they smell really bad." Well, being Cleo and being the queen of the house and having to know every little detail she sniffed his foot anyway.

We all just laughed and went back to whatever it was we had been doing at the time. A few minutes later I saw Cleo out of the corner of my eye and noticed she was doing something weird. I turned to look at her and saw that she looked like she was going to barf; she was gagging! I quickly grabbed her and ran her into the kitchen to the hard floor, and that was all it took - she didn't barf. I went back to the living room and someone said to her that we warned her not to sniff Dad's foot, but she didn't listen to us; we told her that his foot smelled bad! I guess some lessons you just have to learn on your own!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My definition

I found this on Reverend Trevor's webpage and thought that it was cool.

Heather --


Like in nature to a banana peel

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Back home

Well, I am back home now after my house-sitting adventure. It is so nice to come back home to my own bed, my own cat, and my own family. I am surprised at how much I missed everyone. I did enjoy having my own bathroom and the house to myself, though. It is nice to be able to do whatever you want without having to worry about what other people are doing and if they will need the computer or tv or whatever. Have a great day!

Oh, Cheri - We don't have to go to church for class today! No little girls to worry about! Woohoo!

Monday, March 26, 2007


I have been house-sitting now for about four days. It has been fun so far, but it has made me realize how much I love Cleo (and all of my family!) I was going to put pictures up of the four cats that I am watching, but the computer will not cooperate with me. I will try again later.

Other than the house-sitting, there is not much exciting happening in my life; mainly just the usual: work, school, home, feed the cats, clean the house up a little, etc. I hope you all have a great week!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Name the 50 states

Here is a test that mom found on Jeremy's (D.J. from JQ99) blog. It may seem easy, but once you get going under the pressure it is not as easy as you think! I had 24 states left to name. Let me know your results!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Sorry it's been so long!

I know, I am a bad blogger, it has been way too long since I last posted. I am finally on spring break and thank goodness! I am so ready for a break!

I just finished reading the book Ever After by Karen Kingsbury, and if any of you have not read this book you have to! It is the last book in a series (there is only 2 books in the series) and the book that preceded it is Even Now. Both of these books are excellent and I highly reccomend them to everyone! Just a warning about the second book though, be prepared to cry. Anyway, I guess that is all. Have a wonderful week!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Great News!!

I had my nuerology appointment today. Mom and I had been told 2 times already how great this doctor was and we were told a third time by the nurse who took us in at the office. It turns out that they were all right. She was a great doctor, very down to earth and very nice. She also said that she didn't think that it was seizure related. She said that it had none of the classic symptoms and she said that I was allowed to drive again! Woohoo! She also said that even if it was a siezure she probably would not treat it because 10 percent of americans' will have one siezure in their life and then not have another one. So, I don't have to go back and see her unless some odd weird thing happens that I feel like I have to. Thank you all for praying for me. I really appreciate it!

Friday, February 02, 2007

My name

I got this from my sister Laura's blog and thought that I would put my results on my blog.

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Excellency Heather the Somnolent of Under Yockenthwaite
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Saturday, January 27, 2007


I found this on Jeremy Henry's (a JQ 99 DJ) blog and thought that it was kind of cool. Since I have not put anything on for a while I thought this would be a good thing to blog!

Your results:
You are Superman

The Flash
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Iron Man
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to Bed!

Well...I didn't go to school today. Mom was going to take me, but when we were watching the weather we thought that it looked pretty nasty out there and I said that the first day of school you never really do much. So, we went back to bed. Actually this worked out well since we have to stay up late tonight for my eeg tomorrow. I only get 4-5 hours of sleep. Mom and I are going to watch The Lake House and hopefully some of The Family Stone. I will do my best to let you know what we thought of them. Well..I guess that is it. Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Doctor appointment

So - I am sure that most of you have already heard the update from the doctor, but just in case..

He had all the info from the e.r and didn't think that it was a seizure, but because of the family history (Thank you Grandma!) I have to have it checked out. I have an eeg next Tuesday (which as Andy knows means only 4-5 hours of sleep the night before, and I have to go with nothing done to my hair but it washed!) I also have an appointment with a seizure specialist but, being a specialist I cannot get in to see her until Feb. 8. This also means that I have to be an inconvienance to people until then because I still cannot drive! But I would rather have it checked out and confirmed one way or the other than go through life never knowing what it was and whether I was going to have another one again. Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts! I love you all!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Me and my boring life!!

I was just complaining to mom yesterday on the way to work about how I never had anything to blog because I don't do anything (work, school and back home!) Well....I got my wish!

Mom and I were getting craft supplies for our Wednesday night class and I remember feeling a little dizzy so I ate a couple mentoes to bring my sugar up. The next thing I remember is waking up in an ambulance nto knowing how I got there! Apparently I had collapsed at Hobby Lobby (luckily mom had caught me!) I went to Saint Mary's hospital and was helped by many many nice people. They thought that maybe I had had a seizure, but I think that my sugar had just dropped too quickly. I was 130 at about 2:30 and after I collapsed mom said I was at about 75, this was probably about 4:00 or so. That is quite a drop in a little less that two hours! I am hoping to never do that again! I will never complain that I have a boring life again, you never know what will happen!