Friday, December 29, 2006

Cleo's bath

The other day Andy and I noticed that Cleo had what looked like really bad dander on her back near her but, so I told her that if she did not clean it before I got home from work I would have to do it myself. She decided to take the harder route and didn't do it on her own. I recruited Andy and we got the sink ready in the bathroom.

This is poor, innocent, unsuspecting Cleo before the bath. (This was when she still liked me!)

As she realizes what horrible thing is about to befall her she tries to scramble to get away from the water at all costs.

"What is that water for Heather? I don't like the looks of this!"

As you can see in the mirror, she is not too happy with me. She was at this point trying to reach me so that she could use me to pull herself up to get out of the water.

"Someone help! I am being abused! Doesn't she know that cats don't like water?"

At this point I was saying, "Andy, put down the stinkin' camera and get over her and help me hold her down!!" I was having a very difficult time holding her down and getting the shampoo into my hand.

"If I could just get out of her grasp..."

This is our finished, clean Cleo. She was still mad at me here, but she got over it quickly. (She needed a place to sleep you know!) What you cannot see from this picture is how wet I got in the process. My whole front of my uniform was soaking wet. Also, holding onto a soaking wet cat, rapped up in a now soaking wet towel was not helping any!

"This is so humiliating!"

All in all it was a very exciting event at our house thursday night. Hopefully we don't have to do that too often!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I know, I am a bad blogger. I don't even have a good excuse as to my laziness!! First of all...if you have not checked out the Africam lately you should. We have seen many, many lions on it. They seemed to have killed a water buffalo and were eating it. It is really cool to be able to see that kind of thing. I can't believe that Christmas is over already! It didn't even feel like Christmas since there was no snow on the ground! Well....I don't have that much to say today. I will do my very best to be a better blogger and have something to say everyday!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Trying again

I have a new website address for the Africa camera. I am going to try this again!

I hope this works for you all!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we are getting together with my moms family. It is always a ton of fun with all of them. We end up laughing so hard that our sides hurt! I am hoping that mom will feel better - right now she is not feeling well at all and I am just praying that it is just something that she ate (like when we were at the Shack) and that by tomorrow she will be back to normal. We have so much to be thankful for and most of the time we take it for granted. I am thankful for: my family, my church, a house with a roof and warmth, clothes, technology - especially in the health care field, and most of all Jesus. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Cool website

Hey - Andy found this website, well it actually comes up in a windows media player but anyway, and it is really cool. It is a camera focused on a water hole in Africa and you can watch animals come up to it and stuff.

I hope that this will work and that you like it!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Update III

I found out when I got home from school tonight that my co-worker Roxanne passed away this morning at her sons house in Big Rapids. I am very sad that she has died, but I am also happy for her because now she is not in pain anymore and she has hopefully gone on to a better place. Please continue to pray for her husband and her son and grandson. Thank you for all your prayers during this difficult time.

Sorry that I have not posted in a while. I have not had much going on lately. My life is kind of boring lately. Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hey - I just wanted to give you an update on my coworker Roxanne. I heard last week Thursday, (sorry it took so long for me to update you!), that they have stopped the chemo and radiation and also the physical therapy because it was not working. They have given her two weeks to live. My boss and another coworker Ruth went to visit her and said that she knew who they were, but she is really confused. They also said that her husband needs a lot of prayers. they said that she will not let him out of the room. Please continue to pray for her and her family.

Also I wanted to let you know that I did not end up talking in my class about the exhibit because my prof. forgot. I will see if he remembers on Wednesday, but I don't think that he will. Professors have a way of doing that - they tell you something, but end up forgetting what they told you! Thanks for all the prayers though! I really appreciate it!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I am getting a little iritated with this blog program. I have tried again tonight to post my pictures, but alas it would not work again. I don't know what the problem is.

So I went after class today to talk to my Western Civilizations professor about the from Abraham to Jesus exhibit. I wan't to know if he had been to it because all the stuff they had there was stuff that we had talked about in class at one point or another. They had coins from the Roman period, a ton of jars and pottery from many different periods including the Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and the period in history when the ancient Hebrews were nomadic. When I asked him he said that he had not been to it, and wondered how it was. I told him that it was awesome and amazing. I said that I thought that it was a great exhibit. He said that he was going to try to get tickets for a cheaper price for our class to go, but I don't know if he will since it gets done on Nov. 4! He then said that after our test on Monday he will give me a little bit of time to talk to the class about the exhibit. We all know how I feel about talking in front of a group of people, especially in a class! Please pray for me on Monday at about 2:00pm. I am praying that God will give me the words to say to the class about the exhibit and why it is important. And please also pray for the other students in the class as most of them are not Christians, or at least don't want the rest of us in the class to know that they are. Pray that God will open their minds and hearts to what he has to say through me. Thank you for all your prayers and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Alright - I tried to upload some pictures tonight, but it was not working. I will try again tomorrow night and hope that it works. Sorry for the delay!

On a different note, mom and I went to the From Abraham to Jesus exhibit at the Devos Place today. It was really cool. They had a ton of cool things from the ancient times. We really enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day!

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Shack

Alright - I know that everybody else has posted on our stay at the Shack, but I am going to as well. I had so much fun. I always enjoy getting away from everything for a little while and it is always great when you can do it with a family that you love and have a ton of fun with! We played a lot of games, saw many animals and ate a lot of food! Stay tuned tommorrow for pictures of our stay!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dietary Week

So this past week was dietary week at work. Everyday Karla had a game planned (the first few were crossword puzzles and then the last two or three were questions about things in the kitchen that we are suppossed to know!) She also had gifts for the people on both shifts that were working. Once you finished the game you got to pick a prize. The first prize that I chose (on Tuesday afternoon) was a book of easy to do Sudoku puzzles. I love doing these, they are so much fun! Thursday I had one of the question sheets and I chose a mug with four packets of french vanilla hot chocolate in it. Friday morning was the last game, another question sheet, and I got a little cinnamon bun candle. Also, everyone had to do a word search puzzle. Karla then took everyone's name and put then into a bowl and had the head of our activities department choose a name. And guess what? She happened to choose me! I got an adorable little bear that Karla had made herself! I was so happy because I didn't think that I would win! I never win anything! It was a fun week.

Also - an update on my coworker, Roxanne. She is staying at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon. There hasn't been much change since Tuesday. She is, however, going to fight the cancer. She is currently having chemo and radiation and also having physical therapy on both arms and legs. She doesn't want any visitors, though, so all we can do is pray that God will clear her entire body of the cancer and through this bring her closer to him. I appreciate any and all prayers for her.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Prayer Request

I have a coworker (Roxanne) who was having some back pain and the doctors thought that it might be one of the disks in her neck and that it would probably have to be fused together to stop the pain. So, she had taken a bunch of time off to have this taken care of. Mom called me on tuesday and told me that she has terminal cancer in her lungs and back. She is a heavy smoker so the cancer in her lungs doesn't suprise me too much. She is ceraintly in a hospital (I am not sure which one) and is in a lot of pain. Because of this they are keeping her heavily drugged. This is one thing that she never wanted to happen to her. She always hated anything medical. The tumors are pushing on her spinal cord so she is paralyzed from the chest area down. Please pray for her. I don't know what her relationship is with God. I just pray that she is ready for this. She also always watches her grandson, so also pray for him, her husband and her son, as this has to be very hard on them as well. Thanks for all the prayers! I am sure that she and her family would really appreciate them.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Alright - I am sorry that I am a slacker on my blog, but may I least I have one and am trying?

Can you believe this weather we are having? I have been freezing for like two days straight! I am not ready for winter, snow or anything like that! Good thing we are going to have a heat wave Sunday - a whole 55 degrees! Woohoo! I guess that is all I have for now. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tigers and Comfort

THE TIGERS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS! They beat the New York Yankees last night and now are officially in the playoffs. We are very happy that they were able to make it this far. Now, they just have to win!

Mom ripped a list out of a magazine that is titled "Instant Comfort". It has many great things on it. So, I decided that I would make my own list.

1. Getting your hair washed by a professional before you get it cut.
2. Cuddling up in a big comphy chair with a good book and a cup of tea, and the snow swirling outside.
3. Number 2, with Cleo sleeping on my lap.*
4. Being able to take a nice hot, long bath and soak away all your worries.
5. Little babies sleeping.
6. A full tank of gas and still having money in your wallet.
7. Getting together with family and remeniscing about memories together and laughing so hard you start crying.

Alright, now it is your turn. What brings you instant comfort?
Have a wonderful day!

*(This doesn't happen very often since Cleo feels that we are all beneath her, but in winter she likes to sleep on our laps to stay warm! We always enjoy it when she decided that we are good enough for her.)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Birthday Party

So we had a birthday party last Friday for a bunch of people on my mom's side of the family. It was so much fun! I love getting together with them because we enjoy each others company and there is always so much laughing (my mom and both of my aunts have evil laughs, so you always think that they are up to something)! Anyway, by cousin Arianna got this toy, (think it was a Polly Pocket toy, correct me if I am wrong Aunt Cheri). So, of course she wanted to play with it, as did her little sister Halle, and our cousin Shaelyn, and of course it came in many pieces that all had to be put together! My two aunts both layed down on the floor to try and get it together, but it was just too difficult for them to do alone! My mom joined them in hopes that her amazingly smart nursing brain would be just what they needed to get it put together, but even with her wonderful brain it still took them quite a while to get it put together! My dad and I thought that after a while all the little kids would get bored with the long wait that they were being forced to endure and leave, and then only the three older "kids" would be left. They did not however, they kids were patient enough to endure the difficulties and wait for the new toy. My mom and two aunts did eventually get the toy put together and working, but it took quite a while. It took so long, in fact, that my dad and Uncle Mark gave up on the women and started to get the cake and ice cream out themselves! It was a really fun night and I enjoyed myself.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Alright - I know that I have been slacking on my posts, sorry about that! I was going to do a post on the birthday party that we had on Friday, but I found this song by Third Day (one of the best Christian bands). I had heard the song before but this time it really struck me that this is what we all need to be saying every day.


words by Mac Powell/music by Third Day

Magnificent Holy Father
I stand in awe of all I see
Of all the things You have created
But still You choose to think of me

Who am I that You should suffer
Your very life to set me free
The only thing that I can give You
Is the life You gave to me

This is my offering, dear Lord
This is my offering to You, God
And I will give You my life
For it’s all I have to give
Because You gave Your life for me

I stand before You at this altar
So many have given You more
I may not have much I can offer
Yet what I have is truly Yours

This is my offering

This is a great song and Third Day has many other great worship songs. I encourage you to check out their website and some of their songs.

I wanted to add the song Offerings to my blog with this post, but I was unable to find the information to do that. If anyone knows how to do that I would really appreciate it if you could help.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Andy and Cleo

So last night we were just sitting around watching the Tigers game and commenting on how it was wierd that a lot of the people that they were showing on the tv had their hats inside out. Andy says that it would be funny if Cleo had a hat. I said that it would have to be one from Build a Bear. He got an evil look on his face and walks out of the room and comes back with the hat from his bear. Poor Cleo was not happy with this new idea that she was going to wear a hat. I ran and got my camera to "capture" the moment! As you can see she was not too pleased with us, but we thought that she just looked too funny!