Saturday, January 06, 2007

Me and my boring life!!

I was just complaining to mom yesterday on the way to work about how I never had anything to blog because I don't do anything (work, school and back home!) Well....I got my wish!

Mom and I were getting craft supplies for our Wednesday night class and I remember feeling a little dizzy so I ate a couple mentoes to bring my sugar up. The next thing I remember is waking up in an ambulance nto knowing how I got there! Apparently I had collapsed at Hobby Lobby (luckily mom had caught me!) I went to Saint Mary's hospital and was helped by many many nice people. They thought that maybe I had had a seizure, but I think that my sugar had just dropped too quickly. I was 130 at about 2:30 and after I collapsed mom said I was at about 75, this was probably about 4:00 or so. That is quite a drop in a little less that two hours! I am hoping to never do that again! I will never complain that I have a boring life again, you never know what will happen!


Anonymous said...

I hope that that was the problem. You have a way of making us all worry. At least you know that we care! Make sure you let me know what the doctor says when you go in. Terri

Anonymous said...

thank goodness, i was soooo worried. i'm glad it was nothing else, hope your still feeling all right!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'll be very curious to see what the Dr's say.
I'm so glad your mom was with you and you weren't alone!
Hope you're feeling back to normal again!

Laura said...

If you ever feel bored again, just call me and we'll do something. I can think of a lot better ideas to spend the time than at the hospital... Especially ideas that don't scare your family!