Monday, October 15, 2007

Our adventure!

I was supposed to have a business computer class at 12:45 today, however, my prof. wasn't there today, so
Melissa and I both had until 3:15, when our next class started, with nothing to do, so, we decided to walk to the Amway, and then through it. We got there and, being unsure of whether we could just walk in, we stood outside for a minute until another women walked in, and decided that we would just go in. So, we walked through, noting the beauty, and I also mentioned that it reminded me of the Titanic!
After walking through we still had a good few hours before class so we decided to go visit my Aunt Diane over at Varnum. So, we walked from the Amway to Varnum, and got the nickel tour of the 17th floor and her office space. We talked for a little while with her, then decided it was time to head back. So....we walked all the way back to school.
Now, normally this would not be bad or that difficult, however, when you have a HUGE backpack on your back that you have to carry the entire way, you start to get tired very quickly! Even so, it still would not be that bad but we also have a fairly large hill just before you reach school, so by the time you reach it your legs feel like they are about to give in and buckle beneath you! We were so glad to be able to sit down at the student lounge!
I would have to say that we got our exercise in today!!!


Anonymous said...

i loved the story- it made me laugh ;) good job getting your exercise in today! and adding 2 new posts!!!!

Heather said...
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Mari said...

I love the new look of your blog! Good for you and Melissa, getting all that walking in! Nice picture on the profile too!

Laura said...

I would say you did. I like your picture being on the blog - I like your look too - it's the one I used to have! :)

Melissa said...

yay!!! you finally updated ;) yeah, today was fun...I'm glad we sat a bit before we went to class, otherwise I'm sure people would have wondered why we were all hot and sweaty!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

Sounds like you had fun!
Love the new look- great to have a new update too!

Terri said...

Nice day for a walk. I like your picture too. Someday, I'll put something up on mine.