Sunday, April 06, 2008

House sitting

I am staying with Melissa while she is house sitting while a family is away on vacation. They have two small dogs



This morning I was getting dressed for church and happened to look out the window in the bedroom that looks out over the (huge) backyard and this is what I saw coming out of the trees:

There were three deer in all. One of these two was young - he still had his spots!

What a way to start a Sunday morning!


david santos said...

Hello, Heather!
I loved this post, this blog and dogs.
Have a nice day

Deacon Pat said...

Great blog, keep writing.

Mari said...

Very cool! The dogs are cute, the deer are so fun to see!

Cherdecor said...

Heather, You and Melissa must be having a great time house sitting! The puppies are so adorable! Since you are "deer sitting" too, maybe you will get extra pay! (:

The only deer we have around here are deer mice! Believe it or not, they are really cute! They have pure white bellies and light brown coats. We have sent a few away to mice heaven this week.

Enjoy your time in the house and try to keep Melissa out of trouble!

Cheri said...

How cool! I love it when I see deer in our backyard too- although it doesn't happen as much as it used too.
Have fun house sitting.

Terri said...

I used to love seeing the deer when we were eating - at Grandpa's.
Those little dogs are so cute too!