Sunday, June 01, 2008

International Gifts!

My cousin Alecia just got back from studying in Spain. She brought back a lot of cool stuff and took a lot of pictures of the places that she traveled to. She brought back a few things for me as well. Wasn't that sweet?
This is a scarf from Spain. It is silk and is REALLY soft!
This is a key chain that she got in Paris. She knows that I love Paris and said that she had to get me something!
This is the other side of the key chain. This is the L'arc du Triomphe, or, Arc of Triomphe. Napoleon commissioned it to be built to honor the soldiers. at the center of the arc is the grave of the unknown soldier. It is built at the center of a roundabout so you have to walk under the street to get to it, but once you do you can go up to the top and see for quite a ways!
This is a bracelet that she got in Greece. It is handmade and very beautiful!
Thanks Alecia for all the gifts! I really appreciate it!


Mari said...

That was really sweet of her - she got nice things!

Cheri said...

Wow- she got you very nice things. It was good to see her back in church this morning!

Terri said...

So cool. Isn't it fun getting things from other countries?

Nancy said...

Very nice items you have there, I like the greek bracelet. How special!!