Monday, October 13, 2008

Next semester, it has been a long time! Sorry about that!

I just signed up for classes this morning and I am not too sure about the results. I got all the classes that I wanted, however....the schedule that I now have is not the best, at all. I have mostly afternoon/night classes with one morning class. My weekly schedule for next semester is as follows:

Monday: 5:45-9pm Computerized Accounting 2
Tuesday: 3:15-4:45 Tax Accounting
Tuesday: 5:45-9 pm Cost Accounting
Wednesday:5:45-9pm Computerized Accounting 2
Thursday: 3:15-4:45 Tax Accounting
Thursday: 5:45-9pm Cost Accounting
Friday: no school
Saturday: 7:45-12 Computerized Accounting

So, you can see my delema - when do I work? Hopefully my wonderful boss Karla can work with me to figure something out.

On a happy note, this will be my last semester of school! Thank goodness! I am SO ready to be done with school.


Mari said...

That is a crummy schedule. I sure hope Karla can help you!

Anonymous said...

one more semester!?!? wow! congrats on making it this far :)

Cheri said...

Yes- I imagine especially after this semester you will be really glad to be done~

Anonymous said...

It is quite obvious to me that you can work every morning with the exception of saturday morning when you should be up and working anyway. your favorite uncle

Melissa said...

Haha...I'd have to agree with your uncle, it looks like you'll be working mornings my friend. Your schedule doesn't look too horrible, considering that it leaves you with your whole morning and most of the afternoon to do whatever, but the whole evening class thing.... Anyway, just remember it's only for a couple of months and then you're done for good!!

Terri said...

How nice that you've got a caring uncle who is willing to help with your dillema! Oh well, one more semester!!!!

Terri said...

Hey - I just noticed the pictures on the side. What do you mean you have 3 followers - I do believe you are forgetting someone!!

Laura said...

Wow - quite honestly, that sounds like a death sentence to me. Yuck - I don't think I could sit through any of those classes, so I'm glad you enjoy them! And you're almost done! We'll have to celebrate at the end of this semester.