Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Weigh day was yesterday. I am never sure what to expect so I try not to have any expectations prior to weighing in. This week I was happy to see that I went down a pound. One pound doesn't seem like much but at least I am going down and not up!

I am really proud of myself tonight. I pushed myself harder than I ever have when excercising. Usually when it gets hard I give in to my aching muscles and quite. Monday I planned on doing my 30 minutes on the treadmill with 5 minutes walking and 5 minutes jogging. In reality I only did 15 minutes total. I did the first 5 minutes jogging and it was okay. I was feeling very optimistic when I got done with them. However, by the time the second 5 minutes jogging came around I was thinking, "There is no way I am going to finish this 5 minutes, let along do another 5 minutes to finish my 30!" and so I gave in and stopped after 15 minutes as well as taking a short break during my last 5 minutes of jogging.

Tonight I decided I was going to try it again. I made it through the first 5 and decided that I needed to slow down the pace for the second and third 5 minutes. I was really happy when I realized that I am strong enough to make it through the second 5 minutes and decided that I could do it. So, half an hour later, dead calves and all, I am really happy to say that I did it!

Now I just need to get my food figured out. I tend to get stuck in a rut and get sick of eating the same "healthy foods" over and over again. You can only eat chicken so much and Lean Cuisines do get old after awhile. Any suggestions? I could really use some new ideas.


Mari said...

Hooray! I'm proud of you!!!
Maybe Cheri will have some great ideas for food since she is doing so good. :)

Melissa said...

Great job!

It really does get easier as you go, don't give in to the idea that you can't do can!

Check out this website:

Cheri said...

Yes- so happy for you! I like to snack on lunch meat- look on the back and some of the turkey is really low cal and low fat. It's a great snack because it fills you up!
If you like jello- let me know b/c I've got a really yummy jello salad that tastes like dessert.

Heather said...

Thanks for your advice guys! That website has a ton of great looking food ideas! I am definitely going to make some of them! I will have to get that recipe from you Cheri. I love jello!