Monday, June 18, 2007

My Car took a trip!

Andy and Dad went, yesterday, to the Nascar Nextel Cup race in Brooklyn, MI at Michigan International Speedway. Andy had won tickets, thanks to Aunt Cheri who had entered his name,and him and Dad finally decided that they would go, however they had one problem, what vehicle to drive all the way down there? The drive was about 2 and a half hours down there. I offered them my car, in exchange for driving Andy's truck to church.

They made it all the way there and back, with my car in one piece, and they had a wonderful time. I can now say that my car has been to a Nascar race!! There was a lot of dirt on it, some of it from the drive to MIS, but, thank you Dad and Andy, the washed it for me!


Mari said...

Your car looks much better than it did before they left!

Laura said...

It must have had quite an adventure! It would have been even better if they would have taken it out on the track so it could get chance at racing!

Terri said...

Is your car used to racing? Maybe that's why it wanted to go.

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I'm glad they washed it for you- didn't it need a wax too??
There's always this weekend for them to do that!