Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Cleo is very happy, even though she may not realize it, she does not have to wear her moo-moo anymore! The vet called this morning and said that Cleo was very cooperative and they got the "specimin" that they needed, and she does have a urinary tract infection. I was given some pills for her to take and I took her home. She is very happy to be home, however, those of you that know her also know that she is now shunning me for leaving her at the vet. I also talked to the vet (after Mom called and left a message on my phone) about getting her on glucosamin to prevent anymore infections. She thought that this was a great idea, but wanted to have the pills taken first and then we will go back and get her on the glucosamin. We are all very happy with this news!
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Brenda Y said...

Glad to hear your kitty is going to be better!!

Laura said...

That is good news. Although she did look really cute in her mumu!