Monday, August 27, 2007

Light's Out!!

Thursday I had to work, and the girl I was working with, Laura, and I were getting a little worried with the impending storm and all. We made it through dinner and we got the dining room all cleaned up and I started washing my dishes. About 6:15 it all went downhill -

The electricity went out. Let me say that the kitchen gets REALLY, really dark without any lights on at all! The generator quickly turned on, however, there is only so much stuff you can put on a generator. We had lights and water, but no dishwasher, air conditioning, or dishwasher! This ment a long night of silence, the complete eiry silence, doing thousands of dishes by hand, sweating up a storm in a really hot kitchen!

I was glad that I was working with Laura because we are both willing to help each other, so I brought all my dishes over to the cook's side and we washed cups, plates, bowls, trays, big brown buckets all by hand. We were just glad that I had washed the silverware already before the power went out!

It was one of those long nights, made even longer by the heat! I was just glad to get home and take a shower!


Diane said...

You little worker bees were absolutely wonderful! Karla and I were both so proud of you. I bet that kitchen does get dark, and there's lots to bump into.

Atta girl, Heather!!

Mari said...

I hate it when the electricity goes out at home. It's even worse at work. Good job!

Laura said...

Oh... that does not sound like fun! It's a good thing you were working with Laura right? It could have been worse if you were working with someone crazy.

Terri said...

We lost our power too although we just turned on our lantern and played cards and went to bed!

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

I bet that wasn't fun- really makes you appreciate power doesn't it?

Laura said...

Hello over here? Cleo? Heather? Where aaarrrreee you?????