Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seeing His Face

This is something that I read in my devotions last night that I enjoyed.

"When a king's face brightens, it means life; his favor is like a rain cloud in spring." Proverbs 16:15

"Perhaps we don't enter the courts of kings as they did in the ancient world. Maybe we don't understand the implications of a king's expression when he sees us. But the king's acceptance once meant the difference between blessing and misery. When his face lit up, his servants could rest easy. To their great relief, his good mood would result in the glory of his favor. It would bring joy to the heart.

So how is this relevant to us? Aren't we rarely privileged to enter the halls of national authority or the courts of sovereigns? No, the privilege has been granted to us. We are to come into the throne room of the Most High God - the ultimate authority in all of existence - and voice our concerns. We are allowed to serve in His fields. We are allowed to consult with the wisdom of eternity for our daily endeavors. And we are blessed to become partakers of His glory. He shares His kingdom with us! There is no greater joy.

But what do we see on His face? Is it brightened by our presence? Many are afraid not. Many see a rightfully angry God on the throne when they pray. Many feel the holy disappointment of our pure and perfect Father. Many believe that God could never love them as He loves a treasured child. Until we believe otherwise, we will not know His favor. Knowing His delight is contingent on our being absolutely convinced of His good will toward men. His favor falls on us when we know from whom it falls.

When God sees you, does He see Jesus? If you believe in the Savior, God will consider His life a substitute for yours. And as you serve the Savior, God will fill your life with His Spirit. Your life and the life of Jesus will become so intertwined, so connected, that in heaven there can be no distinction beween the two. As a husband and wife are 'one flesh,' the Savior and His bride are 'one Spirit.' The two have become one, and that One is a delight to His King. Accept the King;s delight with gratitude."


Mari said...

Great devotional! I like the way the verse from Proverbs is applied to God.

Connie said...

Some very good thoughts, thanks.

Lauren Davenport said...

You have a lovely blog :)