Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Birthday Party

So we had a birthday party last Friday for a bunch of people on my mom's side of the family. It was so much fun! I love getting together with them because we enjoy each others company and there is always so much laughing (my mom and both of my aunts have evil laughs, so you always think that they are up to something)! Anyway, by cousin Arianna got this toy, (think it was a Polly Pocket toy, correct me if I am wrong Aunt Cheri). So, of course she wanted to play with it, as did her little sister Halle, and our cousin Shaelyn, and of course it came in many pieces that all had to be put together! My two aunts both layed down on the floor to try and get it together, but it was just too difficult for them to do alone! My mom joined them in hopes that her amazingly smart nursing brain would be just what they needed to get it put together, but even with her wonderful brain it still took them quite a while to get it put together! My dad and I thought that after a while all the little kids would get bored with the long wait that they were being forced to endure and leave, and then only the three older "kids" would be left. They did not however, they kids were patient enough to endure the difficulties and wait for the new toy. My mom and two aunts did eventually get the toy put together and working, but it took quite a while. It took so long, in fact, that my dad and Uncle Mark gave up on the women and started to get the cake and ice cream out themselves! It was a really fun night and I enjoyed myself.


Anonymous said...

The reason our amazingly smart brains couldn't figure this out is because there was a SERIOUS lack of instructions with that toy! I think it shows how intelligent we are that we got it to work! You noticed the men didn't even dare to try? Mom

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

AMEN!!!!!!! Mari-
That toy was ridiculous!
Heather just wait until you're a mom and the kids eat away at your brain cells and then you get no decent instructions on top of it!

Terri said...

I'm saying "ditto" to what they both said. Their thoughts were mine exactly when I read what you wrote. You have no clue how many brain cells get taken when you have to work with children like ours all the time.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I agree with Heather. Parents always think they are smarter then kids, then how hard could it be to put a little toy together. Huh? Chelsea