Sunday, October 08, 2006

Tigers and Comfort

THE TIGERS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS! They beat the New York Yankees last night and now are officially in the playoffs. We are very happy that they were able to make it this far. Now, they just have to win!

Mom ripped a list out of a magazine that is titled "Instant Comfort". It has many great things on it. So, I decided that I would make my own list.

1. Getting your hair washed by a professional before you get it cut.
2. Cuddling up in a big comphy chair with a good book and a cup of tea, and the snow swirling outside.
3. Number 2, with Cleo sleeping on my lap.*
4. Being able to take a nice hot, long bath and soak away all your worries.
5. Little babies sleeping.
6. A full tank of gas and still having money in your wallet.
7. Getting together with family and remeniscing about memories together and laughing so hard you start crying.

Alright, now it is your turn. What brings you instant comfort?
Have a wonderful day!

*(This doesn't happen very often since Cleo feels that we are all beneath her, but in winter she likes to sleep on our laps to stay warm! We always enjoy it when she decided that we are good enough for her.)


Anonymous said...

I like your list! Here's some of mine:
1. Going to bed and not needing to set the alarm to get up the next morning.
2. Winter weather at a time no one in my family needs to be out driving. (This happens very rarely!)
3. Coming home after a busy day at work and finding that Heather has done the dishes and picked up the house!
4. Finding a Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person
5. The smell of coffee (I don't like to drink it, but it sure smells good)
6. Throwing out bills after you have paid them.
7. A pedicure
8. Hearing your kid's car drive in when you are worried because they are later than you thought they would be!
That's all I can think of for now - Mom

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

This may be short because I have a race to get back too!

1. my pajamas and a blanket
2. a back rub after a long day- I have to say I'm blessed with these often thanks to a great husband!
3. "mom- I love you!"
4. A blizzard and Mark's back home from work
5. My sisters
6. chocolate or home made warm bread
7. Fall season- cooler temps
8. The song- It is well with my soul

I hear motors revving I've got to go!!

Laura said...

Everyone has taken a lot of the good ones, but here's a few I can think of (they're not in any order!)
-Taking a long enough shower to shave well and then putting on good lotion when you get out.
-Waking up at your normal time on a day off and realizing it's Saturday and you can roll over and go back to sleep (this is even better when you realize your husband has the day off for once too and you can snuggle!)
-A sleeping puppy cuddled on your lap snoring!
-I agree with mom - putting the bills in the mailbox and being done for another month is a good feeling.
-Getting in your car after work on Friday and driving home.
-Sitting down to relax after cleaning the house. (I love a clean house!)
-Coming home after a long day at work and having Sofie be beside herself with excitement at my arrival.
-Coming home after a long day at work to see that Aaron has beat me home and opening the door to find him beside himself with excitement at my arrival.(Okay - so this doesn't really happen, but if he does beat me home he waits at the door to give me a hug!)
-Cuddling up with hot chocolate and a book.
-Cuddling up with chocolate!
-Knowing you don't have to go out in bad stormy weather!
There are many more, but that's all I can think of for now!

Anonymous said...

there's not many that you guys haven't said, so here's a couple
1-coming inside during winter and drinking hot chocolate
3-the end of the school day on Friday's
4-hearing that Unity actually WON a game of football
5-finding out that the test you didn't study for is really easy
6-not being late for class
that's all I can think of for now, Chelsea

Anonymous said...

i hate the tigers, just thought you should know :)