Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dietary Week

So this past week was dietary week at work. Everyday Karla had a game planned (the first few were crossword puzzles and then the last two or three were questions about things in the kitchen that we are suppossed to know!) She also had gifts for the people on both shifts that were working. Once you finished the game you got to pick a prize. The first prize that I chose (on Tuesday afternoon) was a book of easy to do Sudoku puzzles. I love doing these, they are so much fun! Thursday I had one of the question sheets and I chose a mug with four packets of french vanilla hot chocolate in it. Friday morning was the last game, another question sheet, and I got a little cinnamon bun candle. Also, everyone had to do a word search puzzle. Karla then took everyone's name and put then into a bowl and had the head of our activities department choose a name. And guess what? She happened to choose me! I got an adorable little bear that Karla had made herself! I was so happy because I didn't think that I would win! I never win anything! It was a fun week.

Also - an update on my coworker, Roxanne. She is staying at Hackley Hospital in Muskegon. There hasn't been much change since Tuesday. She is, however, going to fight the cancer. She is currently having chemo and radiation and also having physical therapy on both arms and legs. She doesn't want any visitors, though, so all we can do is pray that God will clear her entire body of the cancer and through this bring her closer to him. I appreciate any and all prayers for her.

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Terri said...

Lucky you, Heather. You most certainly do not take after me because I never win anything!