Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I was introduced to Ben's blog by my mom and have read it through from the beginning. I was really inspired by him to get my act together and start exercising and eating healthier. I started running on the treadmill; Saturday I "ran", it was probably more of a slow jog, for 45 minutes, and I did 50 minutes on Sunday. I gave my legs a day of rest yesterday since my calves and ankles were really sore. Today I decided I wanted to know how fast I could run a mile in. I get all bundled up and went outside. I finished one mile in 15:34, which is a pace of 15.5 minutes/mile; about what I expected. I did have to stop and walk for a while, but for my first mile run I wasn't too disappointed.

I am hoping to loose about 50 pounds and to decrease my running pace time. I am looking to you guys to keep my accountable! I cannot guarantee that I will post as much as Ben, but I will try to post at least once a day. Go and check out his blog. Head back to the beginning and read through it; it takes a few days but it well worth it!


Cheri said...

Yeah Heather- so proud of you! I'm trying to get my act together too so we can keep each other accountable!

Melissa said...

First off--I am so excited to see you blogging again!

Second--Yay! Another running buddy! I'm so proud of you. Want to be accountability partners? I need one, like major!

Third--Wanna do a 5k?

Fourth (and last, but most important)--I miss you!!!!!!

Heather said...

We can all keep each other accountable! I will need it too Melissa! I would be interested in doing a 5k, it would give me something to keep me motivated and something to work towards. I am still trying to get m body used to the running, my diabetes makes it more difficult, but I am sure that we can do a 5k!

I miss you too!

Mari said...

I am so proud of you! I think it's great you are doing this even though I worry about your blood sugar when you run. Now I need to get my act together too!
PS - hooray for a blog post! :)

Laura said...

Hooray! That's so awesome. And running for that long after you just started is really good.

There are a lot of training schedules online that help you with working on your time and stuff for races. They tell you how much to run every day and work you up to them.

If you can already run for 50 minutes, I think you could even do a 10K! Maybe we can go running together once it's warmer out - You me and Rem. :) It would be so cool if you could do the Riverbank with me in May! :)

Keep us upated!

Heather said...

Laura - I was thinking that it would be cool if we could run together when it got warmer too! It would be a lot funner that way.

I also was thinking that having something like the Riverbank to look forward to would be good too; it would keep me moving :)