Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Training: Day Two

Another 30 minute walk done. I remembered to grab my ipod this time and the time went a lot quicker than yesterday! Not too much to report tonight. Tomorrow should be interesting. I have to do another 30 minute walk but this time I have to walk for 5 minutes and then jog for 30 seconds. We will see how that goes! I don't think it will be too bad; I can jog for 30 seconds.

I have let temptation get to me a little bit with my eating, though. It can be really difficult to eat healthy when you work in a kitchen. There is always something good around to eat and I sometimes find it hard to say no. Take this morning for example, we had scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee cake for breakfast. I have no problem saying no to bacon and eggs, but I love coffee cake, so I gave in and had a piece. Looking back it wasn't worth it, but it tasted really good at the time. Tomorrow is a new day!


Mari said...

Tomorrow is a new day though! As long as you keep it up you'll get there. That's the problem I have. Starting is the first thing, restarting when you goof up is another.

Melissa said...

Whoo hoo! You'll be running before you know it! :) I have the same problem with food, I eat it and it's sometimes worth it, but not always!

Like the other day, at McDonalds, I should have had a salad, but instead (because it sounded delicious) I ordered a Big Mac meal. The fries were cold and the meat was nearly non-existent. It was totally not worth the calories and next time I'll get a salad! :)